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style professional when applying for a job 15

15 style professional when applying for a job - Some of what I read in several locations on techniques to increase the probability you get the desired function: - 1 - loves to answer your CV to an important question: What achievements (achievements) in your last job did not achieve if it was someone else in your place? Does not list ... Some of what I read in several locations on techniques to increase the probability you get the desired function: 1 - loves to answer your CV to an important question: What achievements (achievements) in your last job did not achieve if it was someone else in your place? Does not list a description and functional tasks and responsibilities. Job just this question for each work done. 2 - Do not write in your own general information. At least you're an experienced programmer. Say you have programmed two such and such and have achieved great success. At least I have written a high capacity. Say I wrote articles in the newspaper as well as well as on such and such. At least you like to work in a team. Say you worked with a team of engineers and Tortm Doe thing and you have worked with colleagues from the university and secured first place in the project Doe. At least you sold a certain product successfully. Say Increase sales by as well as percent. 3 - Put your resume on a page formatted simple elegant on the Internet. Better to have your own website address not a location free of charge. Send an e-mail facility where your CV something good and unusual. But add a link to access to your CV immediately through the site on the Internet. Officials are likely to put pressure on the employment link is much higher than upload a file to their computer and then the trouble to search for and open it. 4 - Tell me about yourself? Answer: Start with the most recent and told him why you are qualified for this job and remember that the key to the success of the interview is to match your qualifications with what they are looking for the interviewer. You can say: I have a number of accomplishments that I would like to tell you about. But I want to invest our time available and tell you directly about your needs. To help me in doing this because you might tell me the most important priorities required for the job Everything I know about them is what he told me by the Human Resources Officer or what I read in the Declaration or in the Internet .. etc.. Then caused a second question, or perhaps even a third needs to learn more. Often the second and third questions are what Ikbrank for more things you want want the interviewer already advanced for this job. Can be your second example: In addition to these priorities, what matters as well? Or Is there anything else essential to success in this position? 5 - What are the biggest weaknesses? Answer: No one is perfect. Then on the debate to show how much better and talked about the lack of an earlier and how Taktith analyzed and for the better. Then talked about how that this function will help you develop yourself and refine your skills. Also, if you have more time you can remember the advice of your advice by one and how it influenced your Nftk to evolve. 6 - mean, this pen, stapler, chair, or anything in reach of the interviewer. Answer: Well. Good seller must know the goods and good customer first. If I sell this piece you should know about everything first characteristics and benefits. Then, if my goal was to sell it Vsobges for the benefits that can be provided by you to this piece and to assume that they stapler. The best way to do this is that asking you some questions. Possible? Suppose you do not have a stapler. Why do you want to buy one? Why, too? Any other reasons? Do you want long-lasting stapler? Pins can be a large number of paper at once? .. Questions and continued to display characteristics of this stapler. After this say to him that this stapler in your hand have all these properties, which he said he just wants it. Then closed the dialogue and say your opinion, what price you deem appropriate for these high-quality stapler? This stapler that you can get it now .. And never re-display solutions and benefits to be provided by a stapler. And when he says any price Say Well, I agree ... If the Mkablk opposed to every word you say along the line, object to every word Everything you need to do is to distance the object it says: Mr. So and so I am glad you told me from the outset that there is no way you want them to get This stapler. As you know the first rule in any activity they are achieving the sale of people's needs and desires. It is a waste of time to try to force the clients do not want and do not need our product. I certainly do not want to waste your time. But we definitely sell more. Is there any piece on the desktop you want to get it. I will be happy to serve you? 7 - how much you paid? What do you think you deserve? How much was your salary before? This is the most important question negotiated. Okte an answer to it and say the job with safety! Answer: If Mqabluk asks this question early in the first interview, "Say: Money is important for me, but not the most important priorities. Opportunities and career growth is much more important. I would like if you allow me to talk about if you fit the job responsibilities before and then go back to talk about salary. Is this possible? .. Your goal is to impress Mkablk after a successful interview and then talk about salary. And that it be disclosed than willing to pay does not disclose what they want to receive. So when in the presentation of the interview asks about salary Say: I do not doubt that the company has handed over to the salaries and the extent to which such a position. Can you tell me about? Or Can you help me here and tell me how much salary you are offering for such a position in your company? I would like to pay in line with my qualifications and my abilities. Trust you to be fair with me. What is your offer? Or you can simply ask him directly and returns the ball home and say: What is your offer for such a job? While Mkablk continue to press you hard to disclose the number might have to be prepared to give him a number and an appropriate number Tvsahh but never until the last minute liters while it seemed the answer. 8 - What you know about our company? Answer: told him about the company's history Let Mkablk know that you know a lot about the nature of their work. See The financial statements of the company. Profits. Recent projects. Branches, products and services and details on the Internet on its website other. Make sure you know Mkablk appropriate for the company and that you know the nature of their work. Not talking about failures or poor performance or Dhaiguetha if there is something. Be prepared in advance and looking for positive information about the company prior to arrival for the interview and between Mkablk you spent some time to learn it but do not give him the impression that you pedantic know everything about their company. Tell him you know something modest and like to learn more about her and allow him the opportunity to tell you. 9 - What do you want to work for us? Why should I hire you? Answer: your search for the company is able to answer their needs. Maybe I read that the company is doing projects like to participate in and do it in a manner attracts you so much. For example, if the company was known Bidaratha strong You can say that you would like to be part of this professional team and learn from it. If known research and development can you say you love making new things in place that encourages creativity. If the company financial performance of well-known that you can show your love of numbers. And so on. 10 - What you can do us no one can do? Answer: talk about your achievements. I remember stories of your previous work or study. Talk about your skills and interests. Entirety of your date with the results achieved and that make you valuable. Indicate your ability to determine priorities and identify problems and use of your abilities and experience to solve it. 11 - What is what most attracts you to this job? What is the least thing? Answer: I remember three or four factors that attracts you to this job Be prepared for this question in advance and perform a search. And then do mention one reason only marginally attracts you. 12 - more than we need your qualifications for this position what you say? Answer: your interest in building long-term relationship with the company and tell you that if you assume I did a good job in this position will open you to other positions in the future. Remind them that the company executives need strong and powerful as you are highly qualified Fastosmaarham you will have the results quickly. 13 - Mqabluk loves to ask questions about details of work that made him. No one likes a candidate wants to silence any function does not show any specific interest in and is ready to accept any offer. Ask about the nature of the work, for the section, on management style. Ask why the position available? How will help you to grow? What is the nature of business that will be required? You will learn something new and useful of my time in the company? What training do they provide? Does your company provide an opportunity to experience new ideas? Or is the company you want someone doing the routine? What are the challenges that face? And how to achieve success, an excellent employee in his first year? 14 - Nice to be enthusiastic and effective. But the connection more than once a week and messaging successive annoying thing. There is a thin line between the desire to appear and seem obsessed with. Do not overtake it. 15 - Mqabluk likes to send them a message of thanks immediately upon completion of the interview. Make sure you get their cards and send them an e-mail to thank them for the time and to meet them. Thank you also to write in your own handwriting, that would be something special Evrqk for the remaining applicants. Finally, remember that the salary of the stupid. It may seem a wise decision function. But it is not. In the job you receive money in return for the time Tamlh only. This is the worst agreement is entered into. While the smartest ways to get money is when you can, even if development were not working. Construction worker works longer than the richest man in the world. But to achieve more? Function is the new slavery. There is nothing wrong at the beginning of your life to be an employee. But always remember that it is a short step towards freedom, it makes life complete.

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